The Sexualizing of Children Reaches New Heights as Drag Club for Kids to Open Up in NYC

Somehow, the sexualization of children is just fine if it falls in line with the LGBT community guidelines of “openness” and “tolerance” toward what they deem as progressive. Case in point, a drag show joint is opening up in New York City that caters exclusively to children, and somehow no adults are allowed.


According to Daily Mail, the club is being opened by ten-year-old Desmond Napoles of Brooklyn, who also goes by the name “Desmond is Amazing.” His mother told “Out” that he is an LGBT activist, even at his young age. He has also apparently “come out,” but is not sexually active.

Apparently, Napoles has made a name for himself on the drag circuit and has been promoted by various mainstream sources such as Elle and sites like Refinery 29.

Napoles is convinced that there are more kids out there just like him. So in order to bring them out, the 10-year-old “drag-kid” decided to open up a drag club called Hause of Amazing, which is dubbed the “first and only drag club for kids,” and somehow no adults will be allowed in.

While the site hasn’t been picked for the club to open yet, it has been announced on Instagram according to Daily Mail:

So far, the club has simply been announced on Instagram, and is described as being ‘the first and only drag house exclusively for drag kids who are doing AMAZING drag.’

The first announcement came back in October, and bid interested parties to stayed tuned for more information.

This week, the club shared a letter to ‘haters,’ writing positive messages like, ‘Your words do not hurt me — I am secure in who I am,’ and ‘You will not change me — I will be myself, always.’

Although he is an active member of the LGBTQ community, where he is involved in anti-bullying and suicide prevention (Desmond came out last year), his parents are emphatic that their son is not yet sexually active, and although he is an advocate for LGBTQ rights, he has not ‘reached the age where sexual relations are appropriate or discussed explicitly.’


The open sexualizing of children by LGBT activists doesn’t begin and end with Napoles. RedState recently reported on a site that sells small fake penises you can have your “trans” daughter wear so they can feel more like a boy.


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