Meryl Streep Has the Gall to Attack Melania and Ivanka Over "Silence" on Sexual Harassment

Is there something about the interior of the Hollywood bubble that blinds you to utter hypocrisy, because A-list actress Meryl Streep may have lowered the bar way down.


Streep, in a complete lack of self-awareness mixed with a try-hard attempt at virtue signaling, decided to finger-wag at Melania and Ivanka Trump over their “silence” on Trump’s sexual harassment.

No, I’m not kidding. The same woman that knew about Harvey Weinstein’s many sexual assaults and harassments is now attempting to shame others after she had called Harvey Weinstein a “god” and stood to applaud pedophile Roman Polanski who was on the run for the very same charges.

From The Hill:

In her interview with The New York Times, Streep dismissed criticism over her own silence on the allegations against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, saying she wanted to hear from the president’s wife and eldest daughter.

I don’t want to hear about the silence of me,” Streep said. “I want to hear about the silence of Melania Trump. I want to hear from her. She has so much that’s valuable to say. And so does Ivanka. I want her to speak now.”


That’s right, folks. Streep doesn’t want to hear about HER silence. She wants to point to Melania and Ivanka for Trump’s alleged assaults, marking the first time Streep wants the spotlight on somebody else other than her.

Streep said all the allegations brought to light her “cluelessness” about Weinstein’s deeds. However, Rose McGowan of Charmed fame disagrees.

“YOUR SILENCE is THE problem,” tweeted McGowan of Streep in a now deleted December 16 tweet. “You’ll accept a fake award breathlessly & affect no real change. I despise your hypocrisy.”

There is a running list of accusations against Trump, though Trump denies these ever happened, and believes these to be politically charged.


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