Watch: Ted Cruz Gives Democrats One of the Best Verbal Beat Downs of the Year Over Their "No" Vote for Tax Cuts

Texas Senator Ted Cruz certainly knows how to give a biting speech, and the Democrats were thoroughly bitten by the time he left the podium during his speech on the left’s unwillingness to cut taxes for the American people on Tuesday night.


Cruz got up in front of his colleagues and said that today was a great day, but also a sad one, as Democrats are refusing to vote for the GOP tax bill simply out of spite for President Trump.

Cruz noted that in both the House and the Senate, not a single Democrat voted for tax cuts.

“Why?” he asked. “Because they are so united in their rage at President Trump that they are willing to tell middle-class voters in their states “we don’t care.”

Cruz went into some of the things Democrats are voting no on, such as doubling the child tax credit.

For all the left’s ranting and railing about the plight of single mothers and their children, they suddenly feel it good to turn their backs on them because they don’t want the tax cuts. Cruz gave an example of a single mom with three kids having her tax credits doubled from $1,000 to $2,000, adding up to $6,000 in tax credits, adding that this is what the Democrats are saying no to.

“And every single Democrat in this body is going to say to the single mom “tough luck. We aren’t cutting your taxes,” said Cruz.

Cruz continued by pointing out that the Democrats and the media have straight up lied to the American people about these tax cuts hurting them, when in truth, the only people who will see a tax increase are the super rich, many of them Democrats in high-tax blue states.

Cruz went on to rip Dems for trying to deny tax cuts for homeschooled kids, and home tutors. As Cruz points out, this is sometimes parents with kids who have disabilities, and that’s who the Dems are saying no to.


“Let me tell you what’s most striking,” said Cruz. “A provision the Democrats are arguing to strike provides that parents with a child with disabilities can pay for educational therapy from a 5-29 plan that is from their own savings, that they put together, and the Democrats are saying to the parents of kids with disabilities “no you can’t.”

“Let me ask my friends on the Democratic side of the aisle,” said Cruz,” are you prepared to look in the eyes of a kid with disabilities and explain why you said, “you are cut out?”

Cruz didn’t relent.

“And not one, not two – every single Democrat stands united. Why?” asked Cruz. “Because they can’t stand the President. They’re angry at the President. That’s fine. If they’re angry at the President, stand up and yell at the President, but don’t take it out on kids who are homeschooled. Don’t take it out on kids with disabilities.”

Watch all that and more below.


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