Leftist Protesters Went Insane Inside House of Representatives Before Tax Vote

If there’s a big GOP driven bill that’s about to succeed, you can bet the left will pull out every ridiculous, over-dramatic trick in the book in order to disrupt or protest the proceedings. Given that the GOP’s tax bill was a guaranteed success — and with GOP and success being a combination the left loathes — you can bet the protesters turned out to pull out some stops…and some boobs by one account.


NBC News released footage via Twitter of a group of people shouting “kill the bill, don’t kill us” on repeat at one point. The Speaker was forced to call the Sargent at Arms and have the people removed.

Of course, House Republicans didn’t necessarily take the abuse lying down. During Paul Ryan’s awesome speech to commemorate the occasion, a woman reportedly shouted “you’re lying” at him, and that he should “go back to school to learn math.”

House Republicans had enough, and in turn shouted “throw her ass out!”


We can safely assume they did.

But all the fun didn’t end there. The most ridiculous moment came when a woman decided that the best way to protest the bill was to go full on Jerry Springer and remove her shirt. The bra reportedly remained on.

I’ve said this before, but I’ll never understand the point of nude protesting.

I’m sure we’ll see even more meltdowns occurring now that the bill has passed, but many of them will now be in front of a camera in a well lit CNN or MSNBC studio.

Hopefully, everyone will keep their shirts on.


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