Media Group Hosting Trump's Accusers the Same that Blatantly Lied About Rush Limbaugh's Racist "Quotes"

The #MeToo campaign that has opened the door for many women to come forward and openly discuss their sexual mistreatment at the hands of abusers is also opening the door for potentially dishonest people to push agendas.


That may very well be the case with the current crop of women popping up to accuse Trump of sexual misconduct, as the group giving these women a platform is the same group that flat out lied about Rush Limbaugh saying racist things in order to prevent him from buying an NFL team.

According to CBS News, Samantha Holvey, Jessica Leeds, and Rachel Crooks shared their stories about suffering sexual harassment and assault at the hands of Trump during an event. The event was hosted by the non-profit, Brave New Films, which creates media campaigns surrounding social justice issues. The women who testified are just three of 16 women featured in Brave New Films latest flick.

Brave New Films President, Robert Greenwald, presented the women and the film with the message that “elected officials no matter what party affiliation should act.” This was echoed by the women present, according to CBS News.

Thing is, despite his calls for non-partisan action, Greenwald is one of the most partisan people on the planet. In fact, in order to trip up any right-leaning advances, he’s been proven to flat out lie about racist quotes that people have never said.


In 2009, Greenwald campaigned against right-wing radio show host Rush Limbaugh. According to Greenwald, Rush said that slavery built the south, “had its merits,” and that the “streets were safer after dark.”

The quote was proven to be completely false. As YouTuber Lee Doren points out, the quote came from a series of claims made by everything from activist Facebook pages, to Wikipedia pages, and all of them lead back to a quote made by a fake blogger.

Greenwald attempted to keep the campaign going despite the runaround he was giving Americans, but eventually, he was forced to back down and remove the campaign from the Brave New Films site.

The partisanship from the film company deepens as RedState has reported already. Susan Wright pointed out that Brave New Films has launched campaigns such as “Protect Public Education – Stop Betsy DeVos!” and “Stand Up, Senate! The President-elect is a hypocrite.”

If all of that weren’t fishy enough, it turns out the group is a beneficiary of financial backing from none other than George Soros, the left’s sugar daddy.


As Nikki Haley said, all women who have a story to tell should be able to freely tell their story. However, it doesn’t mean they should all automatically be believed. In the case of these Trump accusers, the timing of their stories in conjunction with the momentum of the #MeToo movement seems odd enough. However, mixed with the fact that they’re working with a partisan group known for spreading lies, it should allow people to feel a good deal of skepticism.

The claims should definitely be looked into, and the White House’s claim of “eyewitness accounts” that provide contradicting stories to the women’s claims should be verified. However, as it stands, the women making the claims on a Brave New Films stage — a stage oddly plastered with their logo everywhere — should be taken with a few grains of salt.


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