Islamic Violence Continues as Swedish Jewish Synagogue Firebombed Over Jerusalem Announcement

With Trump’s Jerusalem announcement and calls from Islamic leaders for an uprising, it was only a matter of time before violence in Sweden erupted. On Saturday, it did just that.


Sweden is a country that opened its borders to migrants from the Middle East and North African countries. The pouring in of Muslims has left the country with skyrocketing crime rates, including assaults and rapes. The crime rate is so high that Sweden’s National Police Commissioner, Dan Eliasson, took to national television to plead for help, saying that Swedish Police can no longer uphold the law.

Over the past few days, Muslims angry over the Jerusalem announcement have reacted hatefully and violently against Swedish Jews. On Saturday, Muslims took to the streets of Malmö, Sweden, and protested the decisions. No violence was reported at the protest, however, the chants were indeed threatening.

“We want our freedom back and we’re going to shoot the Jews,” was one of the chants heard at the protest.

Why the Muslims were threatening Swedish Jews and not American or Israeli Jews for the announcement was not explained.

That Saturday, however, things did indeed turn violent in the city of Goteborg. According to reports, around 20 masked men firebombed a Jewish synagogue. Only three were arrested.

CBS News reported that the attack took place during a youth event at the synagogue and the adjacent Jewish center.


“I’m terribly upset over the attack on a synagogue in Goteborg yesterday and calls for violence against Jews at a demonstration in Malmo,” said Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven on Sunday. “There is no place for anti-Semitism in our Swedish society. The perpetrators will be held accountable.”

He then urged “all democratic forces” to create “a tolerant and open society where everyone feels safe.”

While the sentiment of a “tolerant and open society” is a nice one, it won’t resonate with the religious fervor driving certain Muslims willing to go to extremes. This especially applies in Sweden, where being Muslim may grant you lighter sentences for crimes you commit, including rape.

In fact, in Sweden, the government may go so far as to try to cover up your crime.

(h/t: Right Scoop)


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