Watch: Ben Shapiro Explains Why Jerusalem Should Be Under Jewish Control, and Not Muslim

Daily Wire Editor in Chief and Conservative star, Ben Shapiro, appeared on Fox and Friends on Wednesday and said unabashedly that the city of Jerusalem should be under Jewish control, and not Muslim.


“What Trump is doing is not only a recognition of reality, it’s also an act of political usefulness,” said Shapiro. “Because all of the negotiations that have been happening for the last 20 years — for most of my lifetime — all those negotiations have been preconditioned on stupidity. That Israel was going to give up its eternal capital is insane.”

Shapiro highlighted the religious and biblical importance of Jerusalem’s location, saying it’s 1000 times more important to Israel than D.C. is to the United States. The Daily Wire editor noted that the idea that Israel has no control over its true capital is a ridiculous notion and that Trump recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is recognizing the freedom of Israel is connected with the freedom of Jerusalem.

Shapiro also noted that peace exists under Jewish control of locations, whereas Muslim control invites danger, as he himself has personally experienced.


“If you are a Jew and you walk into East Jerusalem, your life is in danger. If you’re an Arab and you walk into West Jerusalem, there’s no problem at all, which signifies exactly why Jerusalem should be under Jewish control and not under Muslim control,” said Shapiro.


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