Thomas Massie: I Can't Vote for Reciprocity With Democrat Co-Sponsored "Fix NICS" Bill in It

Kentucky Republican and Chairman of the Second Amendment Caucus, Rep. Thomas Massie, released a video on Wednesday declaring that he would not vote for national reciprocity should the Democrat’s “Fix NICS” bill be included alongside it.


Massie had previously raised the alarm on the “Fix NICS” bill on Sunday, explaining how Sens. Diane Feinstein and Chuck Schumer had co-sponsored it, how the bill was rushed through committee at a breakneck speed. He also warned of the bill’s intent to use almost a billion dollars in funding to expand background checks, as well as submit thousands of names from various government organizations into the denial of sale list.

In his latest video, Massie doubled down on his warning and made the declaration that if Fix NICS is paired with the reciprocity bill, then he’ll vote “no” on all of it.

Massie began by saying that though the Fix NICS bill was introduced by a Republican, the fact that Feinstein and Schumer — two Democratic senators who have a long history of pushing unreasonable gun-control measures — co-sponsored it gave him pause. What gave him more pause, he said, was what he found when he read the bill.

“There’s $790 million authorized in this bill — nearly a billion dollars — as incentive to the states to introduce more names into the NICS database,” said Massie. “And there’s also provisions in the bill that would penalize…the administrations within the executive branch — for instance the Veterans administration, social security administration — if they don’t provide all the records into the NICS database that the attorney general at the time thinks they should provide.”


Massie went on to encourage his fellow congressmen and women to vote to decouple Fix NICS from the reciprocity bill. One solid reason is that Massie believes strongly that neither Feinstein or Schumer will vote for reciprocity, even if the Fix NICS bill is included. He also quoted Chris Murphey who himself declared that reciprocity won’t get his vote, even with Fix NICS in it.

Massie finished by saying that “any bill with Fix NICS in it deserves a “no” vote.”

“I didn’t come here to vote for any more restrictions on your right to keep and bear arms, and I’m personally afraid that’s what this Fix NICS bill does,” said Massie. “Otherwise, all these anti-gun senators wouldn’t be co-sponsoring it.”

“Right now, folks, I don’t see any way that I could vote for Fix NICS, and unfortunately I can’t vote for Conceal Carry Reciprocity if it has Fix NICS in it, this poison pill,” concluded Massie.


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