The Leftist Haven of California Has Had 150 Claims of Sexual Misconduct Leveled Against Its Lawmakers

The leftist wonderland of California, the same place that embraces coastal social justice ideologies and worships feminism like an angry god that must be appeased, is apparently rife with sexual misconduct within the halls of its Capitol.


In October, the Los Angeles Times reported that 140 claims of sexual harassment and assault have popped up against California lawmakers including “six of 26 women in the Legislature, two retired lawmakers, a Board of Equalization member and officials from the state Democratic and Republican parties.” The violations include “nonconsensual touching, inappropriate comments, and sexual innuendo.”

Now, according to the Associated Press, even more allegations have been tossed onto the already massive pile, bringing the number up to 150.

The latest is Pamela Lopez, who claims Democrat Assemblyman Matt Dababneh assaulted her in a bathroom stall two years ago:

She accused him of following her into a single-stall bathroom during a January 2016 Las Vegas hotel party for mutual friends, slamming the door and masturbating in front of her while asking him to touch her. She also outlined the alleged incident in a letter to the Assembly committee tasked with handling misconduct complaints.

No one witnessed the event Lopez claims happened, and Dababneh completely denies it. However, according to AP, Dababneh’s sexual deviancy is an “open secret.”:

Jessica Yas Barker joined Lopez at the news conference to allege frequent inappropriate comments by Dababneh when they worked together. Dababneh frequently spoke about sex and his sexual exploits and showed her condoms in his desk drawer, she said.

“It was pretty much an open secret in the San Fernando Valley that this is how Matt behaved,” said Barker, who now works for the television network Ovation.


According to The Mercury News, California Democratic Party Women’s Caucus Christine Pelosi — daughter of Nancy Pelosi — said in November that the California Capitol is filled with “rapists.”

“We have a whisper network — you all know it,” said Pelosi. “Because what everybody here knows is that we have rapists in this building. We have molesters among us.”

Pelosi the younger may have her mother’s flair for the dramatic, but 150 claims may give her words weight. Some of these claims have resulted in resignations such as Democratic San Fernando Valley Assemblyman Raul Bocanegra who was accused by seven women of groping them or other unwanted advances.

If these 150 allegations are true, then California has a massive problem on its hands, and it’s not just the fact that its state is being run financially into the ground.


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