Rand Paul Says GOP Tax Bill Isn't Perfect, but It's Earned His Approval

When it comes to GOP bills, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul (R) is usually the guy standing athwart the legislation as it typically doesn’t meet the standards — or too often does the opposite — of what Republicans had promised the American people.


But not with the upcoming GOP tax bill. For this, Paul is declaring himself a yes, and urging his fellow Republicans to join him.

Paul first expressed his approval in an op-ed for Fox News where he began by saying that the government is not entitled to your money, no matter how much it thinks it is:

One of the fundamental problems in Washington is the attitude that the money that people make belongs to the government. That’s why you hear arguments about how much a tax cut “costs,” or big government advocates disingenuously and breathlessly complaining about the people who pay taxes getting a tax cut.

I believe it is the other way around. Our default position should be that the money you earn belongs to you, and government has to justify why it should take it from you.

Paul said that while the bill isn’t perfect, he’s pleased with how it’s turned out.

This tax bill is a true test for my colleagues. I’m not getting everything I want — far from it. But I’ve been immersed in this process. I’ve fought for and received major changes for the better — and I plan to vote for this bill as it stands right now.

I urge my colleagues to do the same. I urge you, their constituents, to make sure they hear from you.

He echoed the same sentiment in an update that he posted via Twitter, saying that while he wishes he could have secured an even larger tax cut for Americans, the current tax cut he helped managed to create is still good enough to earn his nod. As he’s previously demonstrated, it’s not an easy nod to earn.


Both Ivanka and Donald Trump have gotten behind Paul’s support of the bill, hoping Republicans follow the Kentucky Senator’s lead.



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