Treasury Paid Almost $1 Million in Harassment Settlements for Congress Alone in 2017

If you think congressional foul play begins and ends with Al Franken, I’m afraid the news gets far worse.

According to the Washington Times, the congressional office compliance report listed a number of payments our own treasury had to make for settlements pertaining to sexual harassment nearing $1 million:


In the first 10 and a half of months of this year, the Treasury Department paid $934,754 to Capitol Hill employees who were the victims of various work issues.

Last year, 15 victims were compensated a total of $588,049.

In total, 264 victims have been paid a total of $17 million since 1997.

According to the records, the most payments were made in 2007 when 25 victims were compensated a total of $4.05 million for abuses while employed by Congress.

In 2002, nearly $4 million was paid to only 10 victims.

The office said it released the information ahead of schedule due to multiple requests for the information, likely in light of recent events.

“Nothing in this subparagraph requires the Office to release award and settlement figures referenced in Section 1415 of the CAA. However, based on the volume of recent inquiries regarding payment of awards and settlements reached under the CAA, I am releasing these figures beginning with Fiscal Year 1997, up to and including FY 2017,” Compliance Executive Director Susan Tsui Grundmann said in a statement.



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