Mike Pence Is Reverse Trolling Mila Kunis and Planned Parenthood

Vice President Mike Pence arrives for a Senate Republican strategy session at the Capitol in Washington, Tuesday, March, 14, 2017. The White House and Republican leaders in Congress are scrambling to shore up support for their health care bill after findings from the Congressional Budget Office estimated that 14 million people would lose insurance coverage in the first year alone under the GOP replacement for Obamacare. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

That 70’s Show star, Mila Kunis, thought she was being clever when she started donating cash to abortion goliath Planned Parenthood in Vice President Mike Pence’s name.


Kunis set up the “Pence” donations every month “as a reminder that there are women in the world that may or may not agree with his platform, I put him on a list of reoccurring donations that are made in his name to Planned Parenthood.”

While some heralded her move as a genius way of sticking it to that religious, pro-life monster who is faithful to his wife and family, Kunis unintentionally opened herself up for some serious problems.

For one, Kunis’ little prank caused many to swear off Jim Beam, whom Kunis is currently the promotional face of. But secondly, and more importantly, Kunis added further proof that Planned Parenthood doesn’t need taxpayer dollar support. It can survive off of donations from celebrities like Kunis.

But the trouble doesn’t end there for Kunis and the abortion industry.

Not taking it lying down, Mike Pence is helping lead a retaliation of sorts against anti-life supporters and their “cleverness.”

Susan B. Anthony List, a pro-life organization, decided to set up donations to pro-life organizations in Pence’s name as a sort of political jujitsu move. The donation drive was announced by SBA’s President Marjorie Dannenfelser on Twitter.


Pence joined in on the public slap across the face of Kunis and Planned Parenthood, adding his support to SBA’s cause, and even saying he’s joining in on the fun with his actual money.

It’s fun to see good men fight fire with fire.

If you’d like to donate to SBA in Pence’s name, follow the link here.



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