Adult Children From the Left Screamed Helplessly Into the Sky on the Anniversary of Trump's Election

Love Trump, or hate him, some of the reactions from leftists upon his entry into the oval office were nothing short of priceless.

Remember this gem?

I think I may have watched that on repeat for a whole day, laughing till I had coughing fits.


But on the anniversary of Trump’s swearing into office, people around the nation got together to share the same sentiment that Screamy McOveracter performed when Trump officially became President.

Leftists, SJWs, and idiots everywhere got together to participate in the — and I’m not making this up — “scream helplessly into the sky” event. The idea was that people from all over the nation would get together, and at the same time, scream helplessly into the sky just as the name suggests.

The entire thing is a solid reminder that the regressive left is made up of grown children.

Videos came in from all over. Here’s one from Philadelphia.

Another from Pittsburg.

A large group from Denver Colorado also got together to scream their lament into the night sky.

A video from a group in Brooklyn.


But the biggest get together for the giant temper tantrum occurred in New York City, where I’m pretty sure most of these people are professional tantrum throwers, with professionally made tantrum throwing signs.

If only these people put in this much effort in actually improving the communities they say they care about instead of attending protests that accomplish nothing.

And while these people scream into the night sky in some weird attempt at generating solidarity with the resistance — I mean, I guess that’s what they’re trying to accomplish — their childish attempts at protesting a sitting president only make me want to edge further away from whatever solid points they have to make, if they even have any.

This weird crap isn’t helpful, it’s just polarizing. That said this is incredibly entertaining, but so are train wrecks, and I’m not seeing much difference.


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