Man Who Stopped Texas Shooting Is Being Harassed by the Mainstream Media

Stephen Willeford is the kind of hero Americans love because he is the hero anybody could be. He’s your typical American gun owner, living quietly with his family until one-day evil reared its ugly head. Willeford grabbed his gun, sprang into action, and kicked off a series of events that lead to the death of Devin Kelley, the Sutherland church shooter.


Willeford’s account of the story is very thrilling. In fact, it’s something out of a movie. To read his telling of what happened last Sunday, click here.

But even while he was telling his story he added that he was “no hero.” It’s possible Willeford just did what many Americans in his situation would do: Grab your gun and defend the innocent.

It’s likely also why he feels like he doesn’t think so much media attention should be on him, but according to Willeford, the mainstream media won’t leave him be.

Speaking to Steven Crowder, Willeford said the media attempting to get to him has been exhausting.

“I feel like a prisoner in my own home,” Willeford told Crowder.

“This is crazy-crazy,” he added. “They’re coming up to my door, and they’re sticking cards in my door.”

Willeford said that Sherriff Joe Tackitt of Wilson County told the reporters that if he caught them on Willeford’s lawn again, then they would be arrested. They subsided for a time, but the moment police left the area, the reporters had returned again.

Willeford says he’d rather the focus not go to him, but the families of the slain.

“I want the focus to go to the families of the community that I grew up in,” said Willeford.


I can understand Willeford’s desire to be left alone by a media that will chew him up until it spits him out. He’s lucky that we live in an era where his fame will only last until the media finds something else to distract it.

However, Willeford will be a shining example for Americans going forward. During a time when we’re told heroes are political activists marching through the streets in vagina costumes, or someone defying gender norms, here is a typical American who grabbed his weapon and stopped someone from causing more death.

God bless, Willeford, and let’s hope the mainstream media will leave him alone.

If you would like to see the entire interview with Willeford, you can watch the video below.


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