Rand Paul's Attacker Wasn't Politically Motivated Claims Lawyer, but Here's Why He Says That

Information is unfolding as to the motive behind the attack on Senator Rand Paul by his neighbor, Rene Boucher, and according to Boucher’s lawyer, it wasn’t over politics.


According to the police report, Boucher attacked Paul from behind on Friday while the Kentucky Senator was mowing his grass. Boucher reportedly tackled Paul to the ground, causing cuts to his face, as well as a “potential rib injury” which ended up being five fractured ribs.


Information later came out that Boucher was something akin to Rand Paul’s opposite in terms of politics. Boucher was reportedly a socialist, while Rand Paul is a noted conservative libertarian. Speculation that the attack was politically motivated began circulating around the internet.

However, according to Boucher’s lawyer, the attack had nothing to do with politics, and instead was over something “most people would regard as trivial.”

According to NBC News, the dispute could have been over a property line that Boucher and Paul have been disputing about for 17 years. However, NBC News also reported that due to Boucher’s socialist background, the two have had major disputes over Paul’s father, Ron Paul, and his politics for some time.


It would appear Boucher’s lawyer is going to go with the property line defense because, as Twitter user and law blogger Popehat pointed out, an attack on political grounds could warrant serious legal consequences.


In summary, if Boucher attacked Paul because he didn’t like Paul for mowing grass on what he believes is his property, it’s a matter for the state of Kentucky. However, if Boucher punched Paul because he doesn’t like Paul’s actions in the line of his duty as a Senator, Boucher may wind up in prison for a while.

So while Boucher’s attack may very well have been political, his lawyer is going to do what he can to make this about a property dispute, despite reports from NBC saying the two men hadn’t spoken in several years.



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