WHOA: ESPN Lost an Average of 15,000 Subscribers A DAY in October

ESPN, America’s leading sports network, is about to social justice itself to death as it focuses more on politics and less on sports.

According to some new cable TV estimates reported on by SportsTVRatings.com, ESPN lost 480,000 subscribers in the month of October. That pans out to 15,000 subscribers a day.


ESPN has been on a downward slide due to its penchant for left-leaning political commentary and social justice advocacy by some of its anchors.

Host Jemelle Hill decided to take it upon herself tell fans to boycott Dallas Cowboy’s owner Jerry Jones after he told his players not to kneel during the national anthem. The same advertisers that ESPN itself was in business with. ESPN punished Hill with a suspension, not for getting political, but for endangering their bottom line.

ESPN pulled reporter Robert Lee from the home opener of the UVa Cavaliers in Charlottesville on September 2 because it was too close to the name of the Southern Civil War general whose statue white supremacists had fought Antifa violently fought over. This Lee is an Asian man, but we shouldn’t let something like that get in the way of sports broadcasting. Sensitivity must be put first apparently.


Adding to ESPN’s troubles was football showing decreases in viewership, including a 17 percent decrease in viewership at one point in the month of October due to angry football fans turning off games that featured players disrespecting their country.

The lesson no one in the entertainment business seems to be learning is that getting political is bad for business. Be it Hollywood, video games, or sports broadcasting, if you have a job that focuses on one thing, don’t stop focusing on that thing.

In the case of ESPN, it should realize that we want sports, not a CNN panel.


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