The View Censors the Word "Jesus" Twice During Segment on 10 Commandments Being Obsolete

I always theorized that one of Hell’s many punishments is being forced to binge-watch The View forever and ever, but I didn’t realize The View had it out for the Son of God himself…or at least that’s what The View’s YouTube page would suggest.


During a segment on whether or not the 10 Commandments is obsolete, co-host Paula Faris got to talking about growing up in a religious household. During her part of the discussion, Faris mentions Jesus by name twice, and both times the audio cuts out while His name is being said.

The lack of audio for both moments is clearly deliberate, but it’s not yet clear as to why.

It could be that The View is pretty reverent of Christ, and don’t want to just throw his name around willy-nilly? Perhaps they didn’t want to offend Christians?

I sincerely doubt that. The View has mocked Christians in the past for not wanting to pay for people’s birth control. The View tried to also attack a coach for praying after the game on the 50-yard line, but guest host Candace Cameron came to his defense.

Perhaps it’s because they didn’t want to offend other viewers who might not quite fall in with Christian beliefs?

That could very well be likely. Saying Christ’s name doesn’t seem to go over well with many groups, be they political activist groups here in America, or religious fanatics whose prophet isn’t known for being forgiving. They may have silenced the name of Jesus in an effort to be “sensitive.”


Or it could be that The View doesn’t want to run afoul of the Google overlords who have been cracking down on YouTube content in order to be more “advertiser-friendly.” With all the inane reasons for demonetization and censorship happening on YouTube, it’s not outside the realm of possibility that the name of Jesus would be on the list of things too sensitive to talk about openly.

And that could be very true.

It could be none of them, but it can’t be all of them.


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