New Poll Shows Democrats Want Party to Move Further to the Left...Lets Hope They Do

A Harvard-Harris poll conducted in October showed that Democrats haven’t quite grasped that the party’s current 90 degree lean to the left caused it to fall right out of the Oval Office, and will likely keep them out.


The poll shows that 52 percent of Democrats believe that the party isn’t leftist enough and that party leaders like Pelosi, Schumer, and Warren — get this — aren’t leftist enough.

The poll shows that the strongest pull for the party to go to the left comes from millennials, or those aged 18-34.

Given that demographic’s view, it’s not at all surprising that the poll showed that Democrats still think ” ̶d̶e̶m̶o̶c̶r̶a̶t̶i̶c̶ socialist” Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders was the best candidate the left has to offer.

What is surprising is that the poll revealed that Democrats are more or less split on the belief that the Russia/Trump investigation is actually a good thing. 51 percent of Democrats are for it, while 49 percent are against.

Trump still maintains a massive unfavorability rating with Democrats…but then again so does Hillary Clinton, who is tied with the guy who beat her.

Should the left shift itself further to the left, then it’s almost a guarantee — at least in our current cultural climate — that the Democrats will find themselves out of the oval office for years to come. While Democrats think that socialism, social justice, and everything else the left finds holy is great, nobody else does.


Trump was a highly disliked candidate, and yet still pulled ahead due to his appeal to the working class voter, and the fact that many Americans felt like the left was taking the country down a ridiculous road faster than the Overton window could keep up. As it stands, we still like our firearms, we don’t like feminism or racial politics – especially in our escapism, as the NFL is demonstrating — and we like to keep our jobs.

The bottom line? Multiple studies have shown that Americans just don’t want what the radical left is serving.

If the left wants to shimmy further into its own black hole of stupidity, then I encourage it to do so. Whatever keeps them as far away from higher office is fine by me.


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