Rubio Gives Perfect Answer to Venezuelan Dictator's Offer to See "Lies" About Venezuela for Himself

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fl.) received an offer from Venezuelan Dictator Nicholas Maduro to visit the socialist country to see that everything Rubio had heard about the country were “lies.”


Rubio has been highly critical of Maduro and his socialist regime, openly calling Maduro a “dictator” in tweets.

Maduro, unable to take Rubio’s public lashing lying down, told Rubio that despite his objections, the socialist regime that plagues Venezuela will be around for 100 years, but encouraged the Florida senator to see Venezuela for himself.

“We are going to rule this country for 100 years, Marco Rubio,” said Maduro of his socialist regime.

“Marco Rubio, do you want to come? You can come … do not stay out,” asked Maduro of the Florida Republican.

Maduro urged Rubio to see his country but said they first must sit down for several hours in order for Maduro to correct the lies Rubio has supposedly been told.

“I invite you to come to Venezuela … come and meet freely with whoever you want, but first, you meet me for several hours […] so that you discover what they are the lies they told you, ” Maduro offered.

Rubio’s response? He’s looking forward to it…once Maduro’s socialist government and the drug cartels like the one belonging to Diosdado Cabello are gone.


Rubio answered Maduro via tweet in what might be the most professional and stately slap in the face you’ll see this month.

Mentioning his Twitter handle directly, saying “Look forward to the day I can visit a democratic #Venezuela instead of one governed by dictator @nicolasmaduro or drug lord @dcabellor.”


Rubio’s is right to want Maduro and his socialist government out. The country is currently plunging into chaos due to consistent mismanagement from the government seeking to increase its power every chance it gets. The end result is the country — despite vast oil wells and a year-round growing season — is running out of everything from food to everyday items.


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