Trump Claims Obamacare Is Dead and Gone for Some Reason

Apparently fresh from his trip to the good timeline, Trump forgot that he was in the dark timeline where Obamacare was passed off a technicality, and our healthcare system was plunged into an unmanageable chaos.


On Monday, before a cabinet meeting, Trump declared that Obamacare doesn’t exist anymore to the surprise of everyone still suffering from Obamacare.

“Obamacare is finished,” said Trump. “It’s dead. It’s gone. … You shouldn’t even mention it. It’s gone. There is no such thing as Obamacare anymore.”

“It’s a concept that couldn’t have worked,” Trump added. “In its best days, it couldn’t have worked.”

While Obamacare is still very much around, he’s 100 percent correct about that last part.

Trump is, however, looking to loosen mandates that would essentially defang the program. Furthermore, he signed an executive order just days ago that stopped the federal purse from illegally funding cost-sharing subsidies within Obamacare, and allow for more free market options with group insurance plans.


“Knocked out [cost sharing reductions], as you know, that was a subsidy to the insurance companies, that was frankly a gift,” Trump added.

The Congressional Budget Office reported that the move will actually end up costing people more since insurance companies will have to jack up their premiums in order to compensate for the government money they’re now not getting.

But Trump says that his actions have forced senators from both sides of the aisle to come together to try to find a fix for the problem.

“In my opinion what’s happening is that as we meet, Republicans are meeting with Democrats because of what I did with the CSRs because I cut off the gravy train,” Trump said. “If I didn’t cut off the CSRs, they wouldn’t be meeting. They’d be enjoying lunch by themselves.”



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