Peak Stupid: Rolling Stone Releases Article on How Evil Doesn't Kill People, but Guns Do

FILE - In this Jan. 26, 2015 file photo, Scott Smith, a supporter of open carry gun laws, wears a pistol as he prepares for a rally in support of open carry gun laws at the Capitol, in Austin, Texas. Texas the second-most populous state, is joining 44 other states in allowing at least some firearm owners to carry handguns openly in public places. Under the Texas law, guns can be carried by those with licenses and only in holsters. (AP Photo/Eric Gay, File)

If you’re wondering why Rolling Stone is tanking and is up for sale, it’s because the rag releases tripe like this recent article from Tuesday written by Jesse Berney titled “Evil Doesn’t Kill People – Guns Kill People.


If your eyes haven’t rolled right out of your head over the title alone, then get ready, because it gets even more ridiculous.

Berney raised the question as to whether or not evil actually exists in the world, and after listing off a selection of evil events — including Las Vegas — concluded that “evil” isn’t actually a thing.

“But evil?” wrote Berney. “Evil as an independent reality, a thing-in-itself that urges people to action? “Evil” not as judgment of Paddock’s actions but as an explanation of them? That’s a fantasy, and it absolutely will lead to more shootings like these, more deaths.”

Berney’s theory that “evil” itself as a sentient third party director did not play a part may or may not be true, but evil is truly real as a driver. No one would argue that love can make a man do foolish things in pursuit of a woman, or that depression can drive you to do outrageous things in order to stop the pain.

If the Las Vegas shooter was indeed getting some kind of pleasure from the evil, then logically, evil did play a roll in killing those innocent people. Berney — at least in that sense — is dead wrong.


But Berney’s true purpose of the article was to dismiss the common explanation that evil played a part, and instead substitute the devil for firearms. According to Berney, all we need is to pass more gun laws that would prevent someone like the Las Vegas shooter from getting them. Problem is, the Las Vegas shooter — up to that point — had no criminal record, or indications that he was a threat to anyone. His own family and girlfriend didn’t even have a clue he had violent intent.

So in short, whether he knows it or not, Berney is suggesting no one should have guns. Up until his decision to fire at innocent civilians, the Las Vegas shooter had the same status everyday law-abiding Americans had.

But Berney has another problem, and it’s a problem most statist gun grabbers have. He failed to even glance at the fact that millions of Americans are gun owners, and fail to commit murder with them. The gun, despite being in their home or on their person, did nothing to harm anybody.

Guns don’t kill people. They can’t. And I prove it.

I’ve already debunked this idiotic lava-hot take a while back in a video where I attempted to get my gun to go off all by its lonesome with encouragement and annoyance.


Suffice to say, the gun  — being an inanimate object — didn’t seem to respond with violence of its own accord.

The obvious point I’m getting at is that without a human’s intent behind the trigger, the chances of a gun going off by itself are very, very, very slim. A gun has no agenda, no feelings, and no instincts. By itself, it’s about as likely to kill someone as the toaster.

Evil, however, is intent. A man can pick up a gun, and depending on whether he selects paragon or renegade, that gun may be used for good or evil. A trigger may be pulled, and the end result may be malicious or righteous. Either way, the intent lies with the person, not the object.

I can kill you with the toaster too, but that doesn’t make the toaster evil.


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