AMAZING FOOTAGE: Man Challenges Las Vegas Shooter to Aim at Him as People Duck and Cover

The footage coming from the Jason Aldean concert shooting in Las Vegas on Sunday has horrific images of people running for cover as gunfire can be heard raining down above them.


Stephen Paddock, 64, fired on civilians attending a concert from the 32nd floor of Las Vegas’s Mandalay Bay Hotel, killing over 50 and wounding more than 400 people. Footage shows that Paddock had broken two windows from the hotel, giving him a clear vantage point onto the concert below.

As the shooting commenced, Aldean fled the stage, and many ducked down where they were, unable to find something to hide behind in the open field.

But one man spread his arms wide, attempting to draw the shooter’s attention, as people screamed, and ducked down. The man then cupped his mouth and screamed what sounded like “Come on! Fight me,” or “Come on! Face me!”

The video below contains footage of gunfire and terror that some viewers may find disturbing.

The man, so far, has remained unidentified.



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