James Comey Shouted Down During University Speech With Dumbest Chant Ever

During what was supposed to be former FBI Director James Comey’s keynote speech at Howard University, a group of protesting students stood up in the back and began shouting down Comey with various chants.


Comey was to speak at Howard University, a historically black college, for its 2017-2018 convocation as the school’s endowed chair of public policy. As he was speaking, a group of students stood up with fists raised and began singing the old hymn “We Shall Not Be Moved.”

After the song, one of the protesters began shouting things like “I love being black,” which was repeated by the crowd. “I love the color of my skin!” shouted the man, and was once again repeated by the protesters.

According to CNN, the crowd yelled one of the most ridiculous chants in the history of chants, shouting to the former FBI director “get out James Comey, you are not our homie.”


However, some students in the crowd weren’t having the protester’s interruption. A counter chant of “let him speak” arose from a separate crowd.

After patiently waiting, Comey himself finally interjected and said “I hope you’ll listen to what I have to say. I listened to you for five minutes.”

The protesters did not make clear what they were protesting James Comey for, and seemed to be protesting because, like most social justice activists, they don’t have anything better to do.

Besides, who would want a sweet chant that rhymes “Comey” and “homie” to go to waste?


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