Hollywood celebs get DESTROYED by common sense from the internet's most famous celeb

As celebrities of stage and screen — and one wearing a lab coat — attempt to paint the recent catastrophes here in America as the inevitable result of our voting the wrong way, one celebrity is stepping forward to call out the others for their ridiculousness.


YouTube’s most famous content creator, Felix Kjellberg (a.k.a. PewDiePie) created a video on Sunday that ripped the partisan catastrophism of the Hollywood elite apart for the disgusting agenda pushing that it was.

“It’s so disgusting, to me, seeing this celebrities using these natural disasters — and blaming these fires caused by teenagers — to further their political agenda,” said Kjellberg.

“The fact that they use this, to me, is so f**king gross,” added the YouTube star. “It’s these kind of celebrities that live in a bubble.”

Pewds went on to lambaste celebs like Sarah Silverman and Jennifer Lawrence who recently attempted to paint disasters as the fault of President Donald Trump. Lawrence was recently said during an interview that it’s been “proven through science,” that “climate change is due to human activity.”

“Is that why you fly around in a private jet anywhere you go, Jennifer?” Kjellberg asked the star through his video.


The YouTuber highlighted the celebrity response to natural catastrophes as mother nature’s wrath for not voting the correct way.

“Well I guess she’s right,” said Kjellberg. “Mother nature is angry. America voted Trump, and mother nature wanted Hillary to win!”

“Send the hurricanes! You should have voted for Hillary!” said PewDiePie.

“How f**king dim can you be? My God. How do you end up like this?” asked Kjellberg. “I don’t understand. It blows my mind.”

PewDiePie goes on to highlight that hurricanes happen during hurricane season, and that celebrities foolishly “use it to blame the government.”

The video below contains language some viewers may find inappropriate.


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