Cowardly Austin lawyer who wished sexual assault on Betsy DeVos has deleted his Twitter account

Austin lawyer Rob Ranco didn’t take too kindly to Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, rolling back Barack Obama’s Title IX decrees which essentially put any male college student accused of sexual assault on the chopping block without due process.


In reaction to DeVos putting looking after America’s constitutional rights, Ranco said it would be okay if DeVos found herself to be a victim of sexual assault.

Ranco quickly received serious backlash for his disgusting tweet.

The lashing Ranco took for this tweet was severe, and the Austin lawyer quickly locked his account.


Furthermore, others began to look to the Texas Bar Association in an attempt to get the organization to revoke his licence to practice law.

A petition was even started at for the purpose of getting his license pulled.

“A lawyer should be held to a higher standard and with such views regarding sensitive issues of sexual assault, how could he ever be expected to practice law in an impartial manner ever again?” reads the description for the petition.

As of this writing, the petition has 80 signatures, with 20 more needed to reach its 100 signature goal.

UPDATE: Ranco has actually deleted his Twitter account. The Austin lawyer should remember, however, that the internet is forever.


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