Pro-Sharia feminist Linda Sarsour encourages Palestinians to lie about identity for taxpayer dollars

Add this to the growing pile of reminders that pro-Sharia feminist and “Women’s Walk” organizer, Linda Sarsour, is certifiably insane.

In footage from a 2015 Census Bureau meeting about the upcoming 2020 Census, Sarsour encouraged Palestinian and Arab Americans to lie on the census about being black in order to qualify for federal benefits. As Twitter user ElderofZiyon highlights on his blog, Sarsour was one of the “experts” called on to answer some questions about ethnic grouping on the census.


The second question was “do you think that Middle Eastern and North African responses should be classified as white?”

Instead of giving a simple “no,” Sarsour suggested that Palestinians should answer that they’re black so they can get “federal support.”

So I’m very personally just for the – as folks are thinking about the feedback what benefit do we get as a community from being White in the current political context as Arab-Americans  in the United States of America. Does it serve us right to call ourselves White and put ourselves back in the white box and then to think about, you know, for example when we look at accessing  federal – you know any types of federal support for example we lose out dramatically because  we don’t have the separate category to say so we end up, even in the area where I live,  because of we’re “white” we’re not seen as a priority area and for city or state or  federal funding.  So we really need to understand what we’re saying and how it impacts the community on the ground. I’m just trying to push us more in a less academic conversation because I know there’s a lot of academia in the room and a lot of researchers which is great and  wonderful and we need that, but really understanding what the implications of the data and how  it’s going to be used to impact community.


Sarsour then brought identity politics into play, saying that she is Palestinian, and thus can identify as whatever race she wants.

Sarsour then highlighted the problem with being considered “white and not having the white privilege.”

“I mean these people really have to understand the deep impact this has by considering us being able to say I’m Palestinian but then still having to go and say I’m white, like, I’m personally not cool with that,” said Sarsour.



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