Evan McMullin Absolutely DOMINATES Trump Supporters During CNBC Interview

Watching the last remaining conservative running for President, Evan McMullin, is something of a treat. Unlike other candidates, McMullin is not at all afraid to wade into the fire, and his answers are always precise, and direct.


McMullin proved Tuesday, during a recent CNBC interview, that he’s no pushover during a debate either. When confronted with two Trump supporters, McMullin kept calm with a casual smile and walked all over the anchors trying to debate him.

When confronted with the typical accusation he gets about helping Clinton win by taking votes from Trump, McMullin responded even toned, and factually.

“He’s not going to beat Hillary Clinton, unless something truly dramatic and incredible happens. He’s down in all the electoral college projections. This is why I and my running mate Mindy Finn both warned the Republican party not to nominate Donald Trump,” said McMullin.

This was enough to trigger the anchor, who called McMullin’s position absurd, and referenced Brexit, which was projected as a losing venture, but won the popular vote. McMullin quickly pointed out that Brexit was a popular vote, and that the electoral college is leaning heavily away from Trump, and that he could deny that all he wanted. This was more than the anchor could take.

“You’re taking votes away from the Republican, and you’re making it harder to stop Hillary Clinton,” said the anchor.


“So I’m taking away votes from Donald Trump?” asked McMullin with a smile. “He might be the Republican, he’s no conservative. This guy wants to grow the size of the federal government, he wants single payer healthcare, he’s always been in favor of late term abortions, doesn’t support the 2nd amendment. This guy wants to increase the size of our national debt. Is that what you’re hoping for? Is that what you’re defending?”

The interview goes on, with McMullin countering hit after hit with reasoning and facts. By the time the interview was done, McMullin was looking pretty stellar.

Watch the video for yourself below.

It’s a crying shame McMullin wasn’t in the debates with Clinton and Trump. That would have been a show worth watching.


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