Tim Tebow Prays Over Fan Having a Seizure, and Reportedly Resuscitates Him

According to ABC15’s Kari Van Horn in Arizona, something amazing happened at a baseball game starring Tim Tebow. But it didn’t happen during the game, it was after.


According to Horn, Tebow was signing autographs when a fan in the stands began to have a seizure. Tebow dropped what he was doing and went to the man where he laid hands on him and prayed. Horn says that once he did that, the man began breathing normally.

Afterward, Horn tweeted again.

The video Horn uploaded can be seen below. Sadly, there is no audio to accompany it.

Whether you believe in miracles or not, this was a true demonstration of Tebow’s moral character, and good nature. Stopping to openly lay hands on and pray over a complete stranger isn’t something people in spotlights typically do, for fear of public backlash. Tebow has never had that hangup, and expresses his faith, going so far as to utilize it in an effort to help heal a stranger.

Just another reason to be a fan of Tim Tebow.


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