VIDEO: Social Justice Warrior Mob Surrounds and Berates a Young Americans for Freedom Group

The Young Americans for Freedom Group is an organization where conservative students can meet, discuss ideas, and work on projects that advance freedoms, or spread the ideals of liberty in their schools. It’s pretty cut and dry, and provides a place for liberty minded students to be amongst their own.


So of course, social justice warriors at the University of Kansas couldn’t handle the idea that there were people coming together in the name of something other than social justice. There can be no god above theirs.

So it was that they came en masse, and crashed a YAF meeting. As is their nature, they didn’t come to have a level headed discussion, or to exchange ideas. They came to bully, harass, belittle, and just be all round racist, horrible people.

The YAF group there recorded the interaction, and put it up on their YouTube to showcase just how awful the SJWs at the University of Kansas are. The entire time belittling the group’s purpose, accusing them of having “white privilege,” and even talking about how the constitution is a racist document.

When one of them became rather belligerent, one of the members told her to calm down, prompting the entire group to lose their minds. One woman screamed that as a white, cis, male that he does not tell her to calm down. Apparently, being of a certain race and sex entitles you to the privilege of acting as hostile as you’d like.


I’d like to personally congratulate the YAF students here on their patience, and good naturedness as this mob descended on them. I would likely not have been half as easy going as they were.


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