ManBearPig to Stump for Hillary to Rescue Her from Big Bad Gary Johnson

Former Vice President, failed Presidential candidate, and Pope of the Environmentalist Religion, Al Gore, had announced that he’ll be hitting the trail to campaign for Hillary Clinton. With what gas guzzling plane, bus, or car, we have yet to see.


Gore said that he threw his support behind Clinton after he was inspired by the environmental crisis that still hasn’t melted the ice caps and killed off all the polar bears. An inconvenient truth, to be sure, but since when has truth stopped Gore?

More interesting, however, is that Gore’s focus won’t necessarily be the environment, but the dangers of voting for a 3rd party candidate over Clinton, according to Politico.

Clinton and aides have recently been pointing to Gore’s 2000 experience as a warning to young voters who are considering voting for third-party candidates. Gore also is a notable spokesman for the issue of climate change — a topic President Barack Obama has also been using to try to energize young voters.

I can’t think of a worse person to convince those who fled the Democratic party on Clinton’s account to come back, than Al Gore. The man has become something of a clown show due to his consistent fear mongering as far as his preaching about the apocalyptic end coming to the planet if we don’t stop advancing as a species. He’s been found to be a hypocrite and a fraud, akin to doomsday prophesiers. The last thing Clinton should have done is throw up someone almost as unlikable as her to help.


Clinton has been losing support to Gary Johnson, enough that it’s become slightly dangerous and warranted action. This might be too little too late, though. People left Clinton for a reason, and not even his high enviro-holiness himself can’t bring them back.

That said, I’m honestly excited to see what cringeworthy and weird things Gore will say as he stumps for the second most disliked person in recent political history. There’s a certain brand of insanity that I’ve come to appreciate from Gore, and his entertainment value can’t be denied. Thanks to him, this election season might become more entertaining than annoying.



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