Why the Pentagon Covering Transgender Surgeries, and Infecting the Military With Identity Politics, Is Dangerous

Let me start by saying that the military is a fighting force, specifically trained, outfitted, and designed to be both a war fighting and peace keeping force that boils down to its ability and efficiency to destroy if necessary, and kill when warranted.


What it is not, is a social club where your identity politics should take precedence.

I don’t care that a transgender man or woman wants to serve in the military. I didn’t care when gays wanted to. What I do care about is that the military now seems to believe that putting identities and feelings should come first. I’m worried this may make us weaker as a force, and thus as a nation. It’s certainly made us weaker as a society. You can’t express your opinions now without sending people running to safe spaces, segregation is back in vogue, and you may just run the risk of being ostracized, fired, and labeled a societal pariah for simply having the wrong opinion.

Imagine that type of discord in our military.

The story is now that the Pentagon has given the nod for transgender troops to receive gender alteration surgery to better fit their personal identity. According to the Daily Mail, things can get pretty expensive.

However, only active service members will be eligible for gender-reassignment surgery which can cost anywhere between $7,000 and $50,000 per operation, as experts say the move could cost up to $8.4 million a year, Circa Politics reports.

While this may seem like great news for the transgendered, it’s never enough for the social justice community. The National Center for Transgender Equality believes that this can only really be a good thing if veterans and their families can get the surgeries as well.


For what purpose, or how this further benefits our military, I’m not sure. What I can see is people signing up for the surgery, then discovering the world of the military is not a place of safe spaces, and identity politics. In fact, they will discover it’s the opposite.

What worries me is that instead of conforming to the world they signed up for, they will complain and spark activists and organizations into making even more changes to the military that further cater to the feelings, and emotions of soldiers, turning them into the whimpering, easily offended, and highly emotional people you find on college campuses and activist groups.

If you don’t think that the social justice community will attempt this, or have no chance of succeeding, I’ll remind you that nothing is safe from the social justice agenda. Infiltrating, and changing is what they do.

Furthermore, the money being used for this procedure isn’t coming out of thin air.

“The DOD is so under budget, so where is the money coming from? They need to prioritize the funds for guys that are in distress, and need it,” says veteran and Sgt. Phillip McChulloch.

Our military is what stands between this nation’s security and well being, and a world that would love to do some very awful things to it. Our might is a deterrent. The threat that we may come knocking keeps much of the world in line. Should that same military find itself in the same position as colleges, businesses, and organizations consistently beholden to the social justice agenda, then that powerful wall of force will crumble.


According to Army Col. Don Bartholomew, it already is.

“The military has become an institution for social experiments and, as a result, the military has undergone a number of changes to regulations with regard to women in combat, transgender rights and other issues,” Bartholomew said. “None of these P.C. actions were combat-effective or readiness-driven. In fact, the opposite is happening. Deployability, readiness and morale are all adversely affected.”

Again, I don’t care if a transgender individual joins the military. So long as they understand that their identity comes last, and their service to their country, and protection of their brothers and sisters from threats, comes first. That the Pentagon has opened the door for identity politics to reign supreme is troubling. You join to become a warrior, and it seems that being an effective warfighter is now a secondary concern.




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