Ivanka Trump's New Feminist Friendly Ad Proves How Anti-Business Trump Actually Is

Ivanka Trump's New Feminist Friendly Ad Proves How Anti-Business Trump Actually Is
Ivanka Trump, daughter of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign event, Monday, Feb. 1, 2016, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

We expect a lot of the arguments used by the social justice camp to pop up in Democratic campaigns. We’re not surprised when the wage gap myth is talked about in speeches and ads from Hillary Clinton, who is famous for associating herself with the worst feminism has to offer.

But now when it’s coming from the right, and worse, coming from the Republican party’s campaign itself. Ivanka Trump is the star of a new Trump campaign ad, and it centers mainly on mothers in the workplace.

In the ad, Ivanka tries to assert once again that her father is sympathetic to the plight of working women, and tells the viewer that he will act to make it better. How, you ask? By changing laws that will give women a leg up.

“My father will change outdated labor laws so they support women, and American families,” says Ivanka. “He will provide tax credits for childcare, paid maternity, and dependent care savings accounts. This will allow women to support their families, and further their careers.”

You could easily substitute Hillary Clinton’s name in for Trump’s and have an ad straight out of a feminist playbook.

This should worry people. Is Trump’s willingness to change labor laws mean he’s willing to close that mythical wage gap Ivanka herself touted as real during the RNC?

The wage gap is a myth that has been debunked so many times it’s hard to recall who all has done it. Now we have the Republican nominee’s daughter holding it up as fact in an ad for the nominee. If the nominee approves that message, as he says he does at the end, does this mean Trump is going to wade into the private sector and make laws that force businesses to pay women more. That would be disastrous, not just for those businesses, but for women.

We already know he’s okay with forcing businesses to pony up for maternity leave, and tax credits for childcare to boot. A position that is so anti-business that Bernie Sanders is thinking of buying it a drink and asking it what it’s doing later.

Ben Shapiro puts it well, over at the DailyWire.

According to The Washington Post, such a Trump proposal would gain bipartisan support. How would Trump pay for this massive new mandate? By cutting out waste and fraud, of course! This is always Trump’s answer when it comes to government spending, and it’s utterly meaningless.

So now, presumably, businesses will be forced to cover – or taxpayers will – the cost of hiring a temp, a potential decrease in productivity, and the cost of the benefits. The unintended consequence of such laws: young women aren’t hired because businesses are afraid of covering such costs. Also, Trump proposes new income tax deductions for child-care expenses – which is truly just a redistributionist program on behalf of families and lower-income Americans.

If Republicans were looking for a candidate that is going to make America a much friendlier place for businesses to work and thrive, then they chose the Democrat man in Trump.

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