BOTH Candidates Have Stated They Support Taking Guns from Those On the Imperfect No-Fly List

During the presidential debate, both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump agreed that those on the no-fly list should lose their Second Amendment right to purchase and own firearms.

This list is, of course, incredibly flawed and filled with mistakes. Everyone from legislators, to children have been placed on this list. So anyone can end up on this list regardless of whether or not they have engaged in any criminal activity.


Furthermore, this no-fly list is incredibly unconstitutional as is. This list assumes the guilt, and the deprivation of Constitutional rights without a trial. This list makes you guilty until proven innocent, forcing you to petition the government for your innocence and the return of a right that should have never been taken from you in the first place.

As I said when Diane Feinstein defended what both candidates are suggesting they use now. This kind of government process is ripe for abuse.

I’d also like to remind everyone that it wasn’t long ago that the DHS was labeling Tea Partiers and veterans as likely terroristsafter Obama’s election to office. If for any reason the government decides to punish, or weaken its detractors, all it has to do is say they suspect them of terrorism, and that’s that. There needn’t be any trial.

This is a nasty turn of events for the nation if both major parties are willing to strip you of your rights based off of a list that the government creates off of guesses at best.


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