Sean Hannity: Master of Karate, and the Subject of a Hilarious Supercut

Yesterday on his radio show, Sean Hannity mentioned that he is a brown belt and that when others mess with him – others in this case being Never Trump figures such as Jonah Goldberg and Glenn Beck – he’s going to strike back fiercely…but, ya know, verbally.


Since then, the internet has had a blast making fun of Hannity with a slew of memes and gifs…including me.

However, The Free Beacon took it upon itself to look back at Sean Hannity’s storied career, and noticed that this wasn’t the first time Trump’s biggest cheerleader mentioned his mad karate skills. In fact, he references them frequently. So it was that the Free Beacon put together a supercut/montage of all the times Hannity has made it a point to reference that he trains like a beast, with beasts, and thus is a beast when it comes to the martial arts. This includes the segment he did where he actually showed himself off doing his training, and the bruises he acquired in doing so.

Doubtless, Hannity’s martial prowess and alpha male status is beyond contestation, and thus is the fighter Trump not only deserves, but needs. He is the mighty, and the bringer of the pain for those who defy his champion.

Truly, he has no equal…except for maybe one.

And it seems Romney actually used his fists to promote a charity, instead of a charity case.


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