Trey Gowdy Goes Ham On Stephen Lynch After Key Clinton Witness Ignores Oversight Committee Subpoena

Tuesday’s Oversight Committee hearing on Clinton’s email scandal hit something of a snag, and got a tad heated when one of the key witnesses, Brian Pagliano decided not to show up despite having been served a subpoena to do so. This, even after being granted immunity. Pagliano was one of three technicians that had worked on Clinton’s private server.

The two techs that did show up, Bill Thornton and Paul Combetta, refused to testify and instead utilized their 5th Amendment right to stay silent, answering no questions. Pagliano’s failure to appear did not sit well with the Republican lead committee.

“I will consult with counsel and my colleagues to consider a full range of options available to address Mr. Pagliano’s failure to appear,” said Committee chair, Rep. Jason Chaffetz.

Democrats attempted to make excuses for Pagliano.

“What we have done is put him under threat of criminal prosecution,” said Rep. Stephen Lynch. “It puts him in jeopardy coming before this committee while that criminal referral is in existence. He’s an American citizen; I know the Constitution gets in the way of this committee sometimes.”

This incensed Rep. Trey Gowdy, who fired back angrily “I want to read the agreement between the Department of Justice and this witness and whether that agreement requires this witness to cooperate with other entities of government — that is commonplace! For them to say you can tell us the truth and not tell Congress makes no sense!”

You can watch the back and forth between Gowdy and Lynch below.

The one Clinton witness that did come forward was Justin Cooper, whose testimony is covered in further detail here.