Video of Passed Out Hillary Being Put Into Van Surfaces

Talk about Clinton’s visit to NYC has been plagued with how she had gotten wobbly due to heat exhaustion (it’s currently 75 degrees in NYC), and had to be taken to her daughter Chelsea’s apartment. According to sources, Clinton essentially carried into the van head first, and even lost a shoe in the process. Aides have now said that the episode has passed, and Clinton is fine now.


But video has now surfaced of the moment when Clinton was put into the van. By the look of it, Clinton is anything but fine. In fact, it appears that Clinton is completely passed out, and is being moved around Weekend at Bernie’s style.

Watch here.

Rumors about the state of Clinton’s health have been flying around for a while now, with little to tell us the rumors are just that. This video, if anything, is just confirmation that Clinton’s physical well being is not at all in the green. With every incident, and every flimsy excuse, it’s getting to the point where it’s almost irresponsible for Clinton to continue.


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