Star Trek: The Libertarian Edition Is Both Hilarious and Sadly Accurate

The folks over at have done some excellent work making parodies in the past. One of their most famous was a “Libertarian Star Wars,” and recently they did an excellent parody of how CNN is kind of like news, but not really.


The latest video once again goes back to sci-fi, as the guys at Reason put a libertarian spin on the universally famous show, Star Trek, to celebrate it’s 50th year of going where no man has gone before. Follow the troubles of the Captain as he tries to order foods that are restricted to him unless it’s for a gay wedding, simulate a Trump or Clinton presidency on the holodeck, and how the USS Enterprise is a cheap, government built, floating jobs program.

Of all the parodies Reason has done so far, this is the best one. A perfect way to celebrate Star Trek’s 50th, and lament the crap show that is today’s civilization.


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