Romney Wants to See Gary Johnson On the Debate Stage With Trump and Hillary

It’s been a strange election season. One that’s featured some of the most unpopular candidates in history getting top billing by mainstream parties, and people fleeing their respective parties, and meeting together to support 3rd party alternatives.


And so you have the case of Gary Johnson, who has achieved a remarkable amount of support despite both the mainstream parties and the mainstream media doing its level best to pretend he’s not there. Funding and membership for the Libertarian party has gone up in droves, and with that has come nods from figures such as Glenn Beck, Marvin Bush, the creators of South Park, and at least rumors that Jeb Bush was flirting with the idea.

At one point, Mitt Romney was involved in the rumors himself when it came to a Johnson endorsement. While nothing officially came of it, Romney has spoken once again on the subject in a tweet of the Libertarian candidate, saying that he would love to see Johnson on the debate stage.


Mitt Romney has made his disdain for his party’s candidate this year famously apparent, going out of his way to denounce Trump during fiery speeches. Seeing as how he and Trump are at odds in a very public way, this tweet at least shows that Romney is casting something of a friendly eye toward the Johnson campaign.

While he’s made no official endorsement, we can safely assume that Romney has a preference, and it’s likely with the Libertarian party this election season.


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