NPR and Harvard Agree, Obamacare Is a Complete Disaster

Ronald Reagan was 100% accurate when he said…

For instance, when the government decided it was going to try to make healthcare great again, and ended up making it worse.


But you don’t have to believe me, a biased conservative who was against the idea from day one. Take it from NPR and Harvard, who recently took a survey of those who have had Obamacare affect their lives. The results were less than stellar.

When asked how the law has affected them, most people say they haven’t seen any change at all. However, when it comes to whether it helped or hurt, more people say it’s been more harmful.



Only when zoomed out of the personal, and asked how the law has affected the state do people believe it helped more than it hurt, with fewer saying that it had no direct impact.

But did it? When asked if the law helped out with co-pays and deductibles, the majority of people once again say it didn’t help, but instead had no effect. However, when it comes down to either hurting or helping, far more said it raised prices than it did lower them.



So the AFA has mostly either done nothing, or if it hasn’t done anything, it’s done harm. The only thing it’s done is raise prices and made healthcare worse.

So why are we keeping it around again?



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