That Lyft Driver Showed Us How Every Business Should Respond to SJW Bullies

For those of you haven’t seen it yet, a social justice warrior (SJW) named Annaliese Nielsen got into a Lyft car, spotted a Hawaiian bobblehead doll on his dashboard, and began to berate and threaten the driver unless he took the bobblehead doll down. According to her, it was offensive to Hawaiian people, and thus this man was in clear violation of her made up social justice laws.


The driver – who was respectful and polite the entire time – refused to cave to this crybully, and after being cursed at and called names, he ended the ride early and dropped Nielsen off on a sidewalk. Sadly, the driver was fired from Lyft after the incident, but was soon given his job back after the video somehow wound up in the hands of journalist Lauren Southern, who released the video on YouTube.

You can watch the entire video here, along with Southern’s comments.

Not only did the Lyft driver get his job back, Nielsen has become public enemy number one due to her childlike behavior and reasoning. She’s essentially been chased off the internet by every group of people under the sun – though she primarily blames it on men – and has since deleted her Twitter account. She put up a post about it on Facebook.

I find the end results altogether pleasing. Naturally because alls well that ends well for the Lyft driver, but also because Nielsen got her just desserts, and I’d like to see more endings like this. Not just because it denied a bully of her pleasure in pushing people around, but because it gave a great view into the kind of people SJWs are, and how a business should deal with them.


All of us, customers and businesses included, would benefit greatly from more events like this taking place. I’ll explain.

The Lyft driver set an amazing example on how to handle these people. He didn’t get angry, or curse, yell, and answer the SJW with the kind of abuse she was throwing at him. Instead he was calm, and kept his position. The only apology he offered was the apology for her offense, though if you were to ask me, that was an apology too far. He had nothing to be sorry about, but I digress.

The Lyft driver put his foot down and kept the bobblehead right where it needed to stay. He didn’t cave to her bullying, and he shrugged off her threats. He even did the right thing and kicked Nielsen out of his car, denying her any further service.

For businesses, this should be a textbook response to social justice warriors, from the bottom rung to the top. The message that we will not be intimidated or threatened would go a long way to making sure these kinds of people aren’t being encouraged to behave this way.

For many corporations, this may be a scary step to take at first. Public relations is almost everything to a corporation, but the signs telling you whether or not your company is being bullied are easy to spot. The complaints usually revolve around some sort of political, racial, or identity issue. If suspicious that you’ve been targeted by an SJW, you can easily go online and find them. Trust me, they always have some sort of presence. They can’t resist virtue signaling.


From there, you can pretty easily determine whether to refuse to take the suggested action – there’s always one of those too – or not. This will of course lead to the scary part of the SJW attempting to rally an online mob directed at your company. You will receive tweets, emails, and possibly articles written about you from various outlets.

Let it happen. In fact, hope it happens. That’s free press and attention for your business. It may look negative, but it’s important to remember that the result of this will be a net positive if you stay the course.

The reason being is that SJWs can’t raise a stink without forcing others to smell it. It’s how they gather their mob. The good news is that it also attracts their opposites. Usually anti-SJW activists and social media users who continually disprove their narratives. Aside from the demeanor of some of their louder members, these are the good guys who end up turning your negative press into something great.

A good example here is when Memories Pizza was attacked by hordes of SJWs, and LGBT activists. Things looked really bad until word got out to the good guys, specifically Lawrence Jones, who raised over $840,000 for their troubles. You may not be as monetarily lucky as the family who owned the pizzeria, but you will gain the respect of the public for your troubles in some way, shape, or form.


And in the end, that’s the real goal here. Your concern for public relations will pay off in the end, because when the dust settles, you’ll find that the online mob that came after you is nothing but a minority of people who are very, very loud. Your real customers, and the majority of the public who think this childish activism is ridiculous, will actively want to give you business for your stalwartness. What’s more, it’s likely that most of the SJWs have never used your business, and will never afterward whether you capitulate to them or not. You won’t really be losing much, if anything, by denying their demands.

The SJWs will eventually give up and go away, but your customers will remember this for a long time.

To many corporations and businesses today lose all sense of bravery in the face of the mobs, and social justice activists. They make the very large mistake of apologizing for their transgressions, and proceed to make the changes they feel necessary to appease their attackers. This is the same as giving a mouse a cookie. It just goes downhill from there, because at this point the SJW activists know they own you.

This is what I call “corporation caving,” and have written about it when before when the GAP did this not long ago. They made a huge mistake, and apologized for an ad that had a performance troop that featured a taller white girl resting her arm on a smaller black girl’s head. It was later discovered that they were actually sisters, but GAP had already capitulated by the time anybody could get a word in edgewise.


Understand that social justice warriors are often bigots, racists, and as you can see by Nielsen’s example, all around mean people. There’s no reason to cave to these people, especially since caving to them does nothing but encourage them to be meaner bigots and racists.

If you’re a business, and these bullies target you, let them hear a word they need to hear more often. “No.”


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