Two Women are Breaking the Stereotype Around Women, Minorities, and Guns

Two Women are Breaking the Stereotype Around Women, Minorities, and Guns

Before the Red State Gathering began, I had received word that I was to get up on stage with Bearing Arm’s Kimberly Corban, and Students for Concealed Carry’s Antonia Okafor to discuss firearms in our society.

I was more than thrilled. I’m always happy to talk about guns, but this panel would be special. We on the right talk about the 2nd Amendment all the time, but one thing we don’t often address specifically is the stigma that is foisted on various groups of people. Namely, women and minorities.

So I was excited to have two panelists who could directly tackle this subject. Corban is a mother of two, and a rape survivor. Okafor is an millenial activist, and a black woman. Together, you have a duo who could really open up the conversation about women and minorities, and how firearms play a part in their everyday lives.

What resulted was an insightful, inspiring, and sometimes funny panel that breaks the narrative that guns are only the realm of a certain kind of person. Firearms are a right of every American, no matter your background. Furthermore, especially for women, firearms are the best avenue for safety and security.

Watch the panel at the Red State Gathering here.

I’d like to thank Corban and Okafor for taking part in this great panel, and starting a conversation that desperately needs to happen.

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