Clinton's New Ad Brutally Targets the Trump's Racist Supporters

Clinton's New Ad Brutally Targets the Trump's Racist Supporters

One thing many Trump supporters know exist, but pretend they’ve never seen, is the waves of white supremacist support that continue to prop up Trump’s campaign.

One need not look far to see just how racist his supporters – and even Trump – can be. Nazism is rampant within the ranks, and attacks featuring anti-semetic wording and memes dog anyone who speaks out against Trump on Twitter. Polls state that nearly 20% of his supporters thing freeing the slaves was a bad idea, and Trump himself was overtly racist toward Judge Gonzalo Curiel.

For many, it was the sign that the Republican party had fallen. The party was founded on freeing slaves, and achieving equality for all man. Essentially, anti-racism was a key component of the party, and when Trump was selected, all of that was wiped away in one fell swoop.

Hillary Clinton is not wasting the opportunity to point this out. In her latest ad, example after example of Trump’s racist support is put front and center for the viewer to see. The ad itself is brutal, putting Trump at the center of it all.

Watch it here.

Of course, don’t let it be lost on you that this is the pot who supported slavery and segregation calling the kettle black. The Democrats are historically famous for keeping minorities as under their boot as possible, only today they do so with welfare and entitlements.

Regardless, it seems both parties are being led by people who don’t think much of minorities, and while Hillary might be a hypocrite for posting this video – especially in the way of her handling criminal justice in the past – her video is accurate. Racism is a feature of the Trump campaign, not a bug.

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