Teachers Instructed Not to Tell Parents When Trans Boys Sleep With Girls On Fieldtrips

Teachers Instructed Not to Tell Parents When Trans Boys Sleep With Girls On Fieldtrips

Transgender issues have stayed relatively quiet in the media since the election has kicked into high gear, but rest assured, there are still reasons to pay attention to the many rules and regulations attempting to be passed without your knowledge.

One of those things going under the radar is occurring in the Anne Arundel County Public School District, where Bob Mosier, chief communications officer for the school district is trying to instruct teachers on how to deal with transgender student sleeping arrangements on field trips.

“So, many of you might be asking yourselves, ‘So I’m at an overnight field trip, and I have student who’s biologically a male, identifies as a female, and we’ve worked with that student and her family, and that student wants to sleep in the dorms, or whatever sleeping arrangements are, with the females.  They don’t want to sleep in a room by themselves; they want to sleep with the rest of the females. So what do we do?

“And the answer is, they sleep with the females. That’s not the easy answer; it’s the right answer. And in some cases, it’s going to cause issues, because … the private information piece doesn’t allow you to share that with parents of all of the other campers. Right? So that’s difficult.”

In short, allow the boys to sleep with the girls, and don’t tell the parents. You can watch the video for yourself below. The relevant bit starts at the 27 minute mark.

Keep in mind that these rules that are being followed stem from a directive from the Obama administration that states that if a student says he or she is trans, then that student must be treated as the gender the student claims.

As Larry O’ Conner writes at Hot Air:

Public schools across the country have been scrambling to accommodate the Obama Administration’s dictate that transgender students be allowed access to the facilities of their choice regardless of their biological gender. Individual school districts can implement policies like this despite a federal judge’s temporary block of the Administration’s mandate this week.

Essentially, this school is no longer pushing these rules through due to a mandate that is no longer a mandate. They are now trying to do push it through because they want to. I don’t imagine parents are going to react well to this either way.

Most interestingly, a woman speaks after Moiser that explains that sometimes these things may conflict with traditions and values we’ve been taught but that they must do this in the best interest of the child. This is a narrow take, however, as it’s what should happen based on what they believe is the best interest of the kids, not the parents.

Recently, a report was released that did a lot to discredit the claim that transgenderism and homosexuality was a choice. If this report’s findings are as accurate as they appear, then this school district and its officials have a lot to answer for.

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