Shocking Survey: Economists Trust Gary Johnson More Than Donald Trump

It would appear that more than just the majority of everyday Americans don’t to put their faith in Trump.

According to a new survey out by National Association for Business Economics, 414 professional economists were polled to find out who they trusted more with the economy, and the results were a little surprising.

According tot he results, while 55% thought Clinton would be the best suited to handle the economy, Gary Johnson beat out Trump in a narrow victory with 15% to Trump’s 14%. This is pretty amazing, as historically, the Libertarian party can’t get a word in edgewise in the polls, especially when it comes to the economy.

Interestingly enough, Johnson mentioned that the Libertarian party may become the new right-wing representation in politics, and what we may be seeing here is a sort of changing of the guard. That economists would rather put their faith in Gary Johnson and the Libertarians over Trump and Republicans could be yet another sign of things to come.

It should be noted, however, that the economists polled do not reflect Trump’s ideals well. From MarketWatch:

To be fair to Trump, these economists hold views that he’d find distasteful. On immigration, 80% say the federal government should remove restrictions on high-skill immigration. A majority of economists, 61%, say there should be increased immigration more generally.


Trump has generally been resistant to the idea of welcoming more high-skilled immigrants — though at one debate he said he was for it. Trump has previously indicated a desire for a deportation force tackling the 11 million who live in the country illegally.

Johnson has been famously pro-immigration, and much kinder especially to the Mexican immigrants that Trump has railed against. This issue may be the straw that breaks Trump’s back. At least it seems to have with the economists.

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