2000 Donald Trump Said 3rd Party Candidates Being Kept From the Debate Stage Is a 'Disgrace'

If you think as I do that the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) makes it far to hard for 3rd parties to reach the general election debate stage to the point of being scandalous, then you’re not alone.


In the past, I’ve talked about how CPD reformed the rules back in 2000 so that any party wanting to reach the debate stage must climb a very high hill, first in the form of reaching 15% across 5 major U.S. polls. For anyone who is not a Republican or Democrat, this is a nearly impossible task, and the CPD likes it that way. After all, it is run by Republicans and Democrats.

For all our complaints, there is at least one high profile “Republican” that believes that it’s a complete disgrace that 3rd party candidates can’t get on stage, and that’s Donald Trump.

Or at least, Donald Trump from 2000.

Appearing on stage next to Jessie Ventura, Trump was asked about the rule change that made it so difficult for parties like the Libertarians to appear next to the current duopoly.

“It’s just inconceivable to me that they could allow this to happen,” said Trump after agreeing with Ventura that new rules were “disgraceful.”

“Would you be willing to go to court to challenge it?” asked a reporter from the crowd.

“I think I probably would,” answered Trump.

Watch the entire speech with Ventura and Trump below. Trump’s segment starts at the 2:30 mark.


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