Gary Johnson Leads In 18-24 Demographic Over Both Clinton and Trump.

Gary Johnson Leads In 18-24 Demographic Over Both Clinton and Trump.
2016 Libertarian Party presidential candidates Gary Johnson and William Weld

On Saturday, I wrote about a McClatchy-Marist poll that pointed out that Trump was trailing behind both 3rd party candidates in voters under the age of 30. Admittedly, the poll had wide margin of error, but considering many of the other polls that have come out, it was likely more accurate than not.

As it would appear, Clinton was enjoying the most approval from Marist college at 41%, while Johnson came in second with 23%.

But interestingly enough, Investors Business Daily released their own poll recently, and found that Johnson is doing far better with the youth vote than the the McClatchy poll could tell.

When those polled were asked who they would choose to vote for between four candidates – the 4th being Jill Stein of the Green Party – Johnson came in first with 35%, with Clinton trailing with 30%. Trump placed 4th, once again, behind Jill Stein with 12% and 14% respectively.

It should be noted that the IBD poll is far more accurate than the McClatchy-Marist Poll, which means Johnson’s standing with Millenials is far more prevalent than many thought.

What makes this interesting is that the youth is typically a left leaning demographic, with the Democrat party often putting great effort into attracting them through pop-culture, and showy activism. However, while both mainstream parties have seen a bleed of voters, this swing away from the Democrat party shows just how bad things have gotten for the left.

This could spell trouble for the Democratic party. Not likely today, but in the future as Millenials take over as the primary voting demographic, and who 48% say they identify as neither Republican or Democrat.

But where the Democrat party may be losing its grip, the Libertarian party may be finding a new foothold. Given the surge of support for Gary Johnson in this election, and the future of politics not looking so good for the current duopoly, we may see an end to the binary system of politics we currently have sooner than later.

This poll may be one of the many bonfires signaling the rise of the Libertarian party.

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