Trump In 4th Place, Behind BOTH 3rd Party Candidates, With Young Voters In New Poll

The hits for Trump’s campaign just keeps on coming, with this punch coming from the youth vote. According to a new poll from McClatchy-Marist, Trump isn’t doing so hot with voters under 30, and not just in a small way.


The breakdown is that most are gravitating toward Clinton with 41%, followed Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson at 23%, Jill Stein of the Green Party at 16%, and Trump trailing all of them with a single digit 9%.

The same poll also conducted a favorability rating for the candidates, and Trump only pulled out a measly 13% favorable, vs his 82% unfavorability rating.

Washington Post notes that it is important to understand that the sample size taken from Marist college is smaller. 150 out of the 958 eligible to vote were polled, and therefore there’s ample room for a margin of error, but this gap should be carefully considered when viewing other polls that show Trump has fewer fans from Millennial crowd than he’d like.

Pew also took a poll, and found that Trump and Johnson are tied with young voters, with the Libertarian candidate at 22%, and Trump at 21%.

The Fox News poll has Trump at 23%, and Johnson nipping at his heels with 19%.

While the youth vote has had a particularly bad habit of leaning left, 3rd party candidates have been enjoying a large boost in this election from them overall. Experts predict that Trump’s numbers may elevate before election time due to voters settling for someone who has a better shot at winning, as is usually the case in elections. However, this election has been wholly different from others. Both candidates are highly unpopular, and much of Trump’s would be voters have fled the party due to principles, or just because they straight up can’t stand the guy.


So coming back to him seems like a tall order for many, and 3rd party candidates like Johnson may benefit from that political migration caused by mainstream parties that have abandoned their voters. For this election at least, many may have found a permanent home for their vote.

Time will tell, but one thing is for sure, Millenial votes will be scarce for the Republicans.


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