Watch As a Bunch of Celebrities Alienate Fans by Shilling For the Least Trusted Woman In Politics

Politics is downstream of culture, and sometimes the celebrities that drive the culture do some nasty things to pollute the stream. What washes up on politic’s banks is oftentimes pure crap.

Speaking of banks, Hunger Games star Elizabeth Banks decided to get together with a few of her fellow celebrities and create a piece of propaganda that’s sure to win over the hearts and minds of easily deceived people everywhere.

Using Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song,” which can be heard at the end of every Clinton rally, the likes of Mandy Moore, Idina Menzel, and a bunch of other celebrities I don’t recognize do an acapella version of the tune.

“This is for Hillary,” says Banks before the song begins. What follows is sycophantic musical ad that even throws in a little rap break that reminds us that Hillary is a woman…ya know…in case you forgot.

I’m actually saddened that Mandy Moore and Idina Menzel – two women I actually love to hear sing – decided to throw their voices behind this, and if Bank’s Facebook comments are any indication, I’m not the only one.

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The punchline to this joke of a video is that these celebrities just stood up and backed a woman that 68% of American’s find untrustworthy. She likes to use the fact that she’s a woman as a tool to silence people, and who just recently was discovered to be helped along in her campaign because the DNC rigged the primary in her favor. That’s a bunch of Democrats who essentially just found out that their party stabbed them in the back.

Essentially, these celebrities gave a thumbs up to all of the corruption, hypocrisy, and backstabbing, and for a very shallow reason.

Well done, folks. You just alienated a LOT of people.

Still, this isn’t the worst musical propaganda we’ve seen today. This guy who wrote this song for Trump takes that prize.