Watch Gary Johnson Do 22 Pushups for Veterans, and Prove Why Active Military Prefer Him

Watch Gary Johnson Do 22 Pushups for Veterans, and Prove Why Active Military Prefer Him

According to statistics, our 22 of our veterans commit suicide every day. That’s almost one every hour.

So in order to raise awareness for this problem, Fox News reporter Griff Jenkins was on a quest to get people to do 22 pushups on camera. One for every vet lost per day.

While in Cleveland, one person Jenkins ran into was none other than Libertarian candidate for President, Gary Johnson. Upon asking if him if he would take the challenge, Johnson put his tie back and got down to business.

Johnson posted the video on his Facebook page and stated “A highlight of my visit to Cleveland was joining Griff Jenkins of Fox News to do some pushups to raise awareness of suicide among our veterans. Proud to do it!”

Watch it here.

The poll Johnson mentioned by Johnson at the end of the video is in reference to a survey done by a popular military centered Facebook page called “Doctrine Man.” The poll itself is unscientific, but according to it, active military troops prefer Gary Johnson over the other two candidates by a decent margin.

The poll revealed that 38.7% of active duty members prefer Gary Johnson, with Trump and Clinton trailing with 30.9%, and 14.1% respectively. It should be noted that this poll does have a margin of error, so more precise numbers may be different.

Johnson did not come in first with all participants of the poll, however.

As reported by The Hill:

Current, reserve and former members of the Army preferred Johnson at 35.4 percent. Trump, the Republican nominee, came in second at 31.4 percent, and Clinton, the likely Democratic nominee, at 15.3 percent.

Among the Marine community, an overwhelming 44.1 percent chose Johnson, while 27.1 percent chose Trump, and 12.7 percent chose Clinton.

The majority of the Air Force respondents chose Johnson at 39 percent, but Trump next at 29.9 percent and Clinton at 12.9 percent.

Trump ranked the top choice for the Navy community, at 32.4 percent, versus 31.7 percent for Johnson and 22.9 percent for Clinton.

Despite Clinton’s underwhelming performance among active duty troops in the poll, their family members preferred Clinton at 29.4 percent to 27.5 percent for Trump. Johnson came in third, at 24.5 percent.

Trump came out on top among members of the military who retired after serving at least 20 years.

Retirees preferred Trump at 37.4 percent, compared to 32.2 percent for Johnson and only 11 percent for Hillary Clinton.

However, when former members of the military who served fewer than 20 years were included, Johnson came in first, at 36.1 percent, while Hillary Clinton garnered 12.6 percent.

While there is definitely a generational divide in politics that causes many younger Americans to prefer Johnson, Trump’s disrespect for the military by saying John McCain was “not a hero” for being captured likely earned some of our troop’s ire.

Johnson currently sits at 13% approval, and needs 15% to be able to appear on the debate stage alongside Trump and Clinton.


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