Melania Trump's Claims That She Got a Degree Are About As Honest As Her Speech

Turns out that Melania Trump’s obviously plagiarized speech from Michelle Obama isn’t the only dishonest thing seen from her as of late.

If you were to read Melania’s bio on her website, she claims that she graduated from the University of Slovenia with a degree in design and architecture.

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But, according to two biographers from Slovenia named Bojan Pozar and Igor Omerza, Melania didn’t get a degree. In fact, she didn’t graduate at all. As it stands, Melania is a college dropout.

According to their bookMelania Trump ― The Inside Story: From a Slovenian Communist Village to the White House…

In her freshman year, the 19-year old Melanija Knavs attended lectures on the following subjects: elements of architecture, fine arts, fundamentals of technical mechanics, architectural construction, descriptive geometry, mathematics, and an ideological (read “communist”) elective credit called “General Partisan Resistance and Social Self-protection”. Melania would have made it to her sophomore year, even having failed 2 exams, but she was supposed to have gotten and held a 1-month internship and kept a journal about it.


Later, in America, after meeting Donald Trump and officially becoming his partner, Melania Knauss told the media that she got her degree in architecture and design. This was almost certainly done in consultation with Trump and his advisors, as they were desperate to give off the impression that the Slovenian model was not just beautiful, but also smart and well-educated.

So Melania actually dropped out of college after a year, yet the RNC program, and the Trump campaign, continuously refers to Melania’s degree as if it was as real as Trump University.

In short, Melania seems increasingly to be a Trump campaign fabrication meant to give off the impression that the Trump family is more respectful than it actually is. What’s more, the Republican party seems okay in being complicit in pushing the illusion.